Sydney couple fined $15K for defamatory Facebook post

AN Australian couple have been hit with a hefty fine after making comments about their neighbour’s dogs on Facebook.

The couple from Sydney were presented with a defamation case and fined $15,000 after they shared a photograph of a poster that was put up around their street, aimed at a local resident who allegedly failed to control his King Charles spaniels while in public spaces.

The poster included a photo of the resident and a description that claimed the Egyptian-born man was “a highly volatile individual, prone to manic outbursts … often abusive and threatening, particularly towards women and children”


The resident sued the Sydney couple after they posted a photograph of the poster with the caption “ this man may or may not be related to Satan”.

The man won his case, claiming that the Facebook post falsely implied he was mentally unstable, contemptuous of accepted social conventions and decorum, has a history of violence and should be avoided by member of the community.

This case has served as a warning that social media can lead people into a false sense of security.