Sydney murder suspect arrested in Brazil

A man wanted in connection to the murder of Sydney businesswoman Cecilia Haddad has been arrested in Brazil.

The body of Ms Haddad was found fully-clothed in the Lane Cover River in April with Police believing she was killed in her apartment at Ryde.

Her former partner Mario Marcelo Santoro fled Australia that same weekend.


New South Wales Police have not confirmed how she died but Police in Brazil have revealed she was strangled.

Brazilian Police issued a warrant for his arrest on Thursday and took him into custody in Rio De Janeiro this morning.

It comes a day after officers searched his home and the homes of his relatives.

But doubts remain about whether Mr Santoro will ever be brought back to Australia to face justice.

Australia and Brazil have an extradition treaty but it excludes Brazilian citizens.

However, Mr Santoro could still face 15 years behind bars in Brazil if he’s found guilty.