Sydney streets re-opened following lockdown

UPDATE: POLICE have failed to find four armed robbers in Fairfield, Sydney after locking down the suburb earlier today.

More than 100 riot police shut down the area during a hunt for the robbers, who were believed to be armed with automatic weapons.

Streets in the area have since been re-opened.


EARLIER: A SYDNEY street has been shut down as police hunt for four men involved in two armed robberies.

Aroudn 11am the men, beleived to be armed with a machine gun and baseball bats, threatened staff and customers while attempting to rob the Commonwealth Bank at Chester Hill just after 11am.

It’s believed they had already stolen cash from the Rosnay Golf Club in Auburn earlier this morning.

The men are believed to have crashed their getaway car in Tangerine St in Fairfield, following a police pursuit.

Riot police have sealed off the street as they search for the men.

Officers are decked out in bullet proof vests and are advising the public to evacuate the area.


Photo: Seven News