Sydney Swans CEO shuts downs rumours Buddy had an affair with teammate’s girlfriend

Sydney Swans CEO Andrew Pridham has come to the defence of Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin, shutting down a number of rumours surrounding the AFL player.

Yesterday Andrew told The Daily Telegraph the claims are simply not true, and shut down stories Buddy had indulged in an affair with another teammate’s girlfriend.

“On that specific one, I’m extremely close to the other player and it’s laughable, absolutely laughable. The player doesn’t even have a partner by the way, so it would be a neat trick,” he said.


“People say stuff, make stuff up, I don’t know where the stuff comes from,” he added. “Can I say 100 per cent categorically they are all wrong? I can’t, because I don’t follow him around, but I know where he’s at, and I know him well enough to say I’ve great confidence (in him) and I don’t put too much store in rumours.”

Buddy has been ruled out for the rest of the AFL season due to mental health issues.