Sydney truckie caught drunk behind the wheel

AN ALLEGED drunk truck driver who tried miserably to transport a bobcat through inner Sydney early yesterday morning has had his licence suspended.

Police were patrolling the area when about 6.45am they came across a truck stopped on the side of the road.

Officers spoke to the driver who informed them that during his travels his trailer, which contained a bobcat, had become detached from his vehicle on the corner of Collins Street and Botany Road in Beaconsfield.


After testing positive to a roadside breath test, the 47-year-old male driver was arrested and taken to Redfern Police Station where he was subjected to a second breath analysis which returned an official reading of .087.

He was subsequently charged with Mid Range drink driving and had his licence suspended.

“This is a prime example of what can happen the morning after,” said Assistant Commissioner John Hartley of the NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command.

“This is about greater responsibility from road users. If you have been drinking the night before, chances are you won’t be right to drive the next morning.

“In the last financial year, police have conducted 5,836,300 random breath tests and charged 19,112 drivers with drink driving offences, a ratio of 1-in-305.

“Given how many breath tests we conduct, chances are those who drink drive will be prosecuted,” he said.

The 47-year-old truck driver is due to front Downing Centre Local Court on Tuesday 24 August.