Syrian refugee family in Perth say thanks

A family of five from Syria have touched down in Perth after being the first to be granted visas as part of Australia’s commitment to provide a home to 12,000 refugees.

Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter, says it’s important the family’s privacy is respected, saying they need time and space to adjust to their new circumstances.

“Now that they have undergone the usual checks and processes of resettlement, our priority is ensuring the family’s welfare,” Mr Porter said in a statement.


The father of the family also made a short statement to the Australian officials, and asked them to pass it on to the public.

“I would like to thank the Australian Government and everyone here who has welcomed me,” the father said in the statement.

“Thank you to the Australian Government for opening their doors and providing a better future for me and my children.”

“We would just like to thank everybody for giving us a chance at happiness.”

“From what I’ve seen … Australians are very fair and very kind, and I’m sure that I’ll find the same treatment here as well.”

“My most important ambitions are to educate my kids well, to find safety, to get a job, and live in peace.