Taliban addresses women’s rights in first press conference since takeover

The Taliban has addressed the media for the first time overnight, promising a more ‘moderate’ reign since the last time they were in power.

They’ve promised to allow women and girls to work and study, and also say they won’t be seeking revenge against those who fought them.

It comes amid reports that girls as young as 12 are already being taken from their homes to be married off to Taliban soldiers, while others had had to burn their schoolwork and say goodbye to their school teachers.


Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid insisted “there will be no discrimination against women”.

“We are going to allow women to work and study. We have got frameworks, of course. Women are going to be very active in society but within the framework of Islam,” he said in the press conference.

The Taliban is promising that they have evolved compared to 20 years ago and that there will be a”difference when it comes to the actions we are going to take.”

It comes as international efforts ramp up to try and evacuate people from Afghanistan now that Kabul airport has been deemed safe.

The United States is planning to have one plane travelling every hour, which is also expected to help Aussies get out of the country.