Talking up the Coast

WE Gold Coasters are synonymously our own biggest cheer squad and harshest critics.

It only makes sense really. We are passionate about this city and we each have our own expertise and experiences that feed our views on what will make it the best place to visit and live.

What’s interesting though is the weight and focus of that attention.


When it comes to cheering, we are very vague: “Our beaches are world class, the weather is perfect and the lifestyle is second to none.” They are the same sweeping statements that we’ve been spruiking for the past thirty years.

When it comes to critiquing however, there are no holds barred: the light rail system is useless, the cruise ship terminal will spell disaster for the Gold Coast, the airport is an embarrassment, we are selling ourselves to the wrong crowd. The list goes on and I’m sure you could add a few yourself.

I was challenged recently to talk up about the Coast rather than down so I thought I would live life on the wild side, take a few thousand humility pills and give it a go:

1.We have a light rail system in place that is continually expanding and will be a cornerstone for infrastructure in our city.
2.The cruise ship terminal. Unlike many areas in Australia, we actually have investors in bidding wars to claim their own little piece of the GC and take our city to the next level.
3.The airport. No air bridges but we are still attracting more international flights, and it does set the scene as a relaxed, holiday destination.
4.The new hospital. We have a world-class, public facility on our doorstep that is partnering with the university next door to ensure that it will stay cutting edge into the future.
5.Schoolies. this one requires me to dig deep into my positivity reserves but I guess I do have to appreciate the appeal that the Gold Coast has to such a diverse variety of tourists. And I have to admit that police, Council and organisers are doing a better job every year in facilitating the event and controlling the revelers.

This exercise ain’t easy. The number of “but’s” trying to bust out of each point was distracting to say the least. I enjoy my right to question, challenge and debate any and every issue but once in a while it pays to look at the whole forest instead of barking up every tree.

Let’s refocus our inner critic and share some positivity around the Gold Coast today.

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