Tamborine hosts ghost hunters for Halloween

MOUNT TAMBORINE will play host to a spooky weekend of activities in honour of Halloween on Friday.

First up on Saturday night Bungunyah Manor will welcome guests to a Dinner With Spirit.

Those brave enough to sit down to a meal in the venue, built in 1882, will be treated to readings from the “other side”.


Famous Gold Coast flower reader, David Laws, Brisbane local Lysa Michel and Psychic TV medium Christine Rose will do their best to bring through messages from dead loved ones.

Who knows?  They may even be able to solve mysteries around your home or workplace.

Many have felt or seen the ghosts roaming the restaurant and accommodation, guests will soak up this excitingly spiritual and historic area, where some of the resident spirits will be sure to pop by to join in the fun.

The Mediums will also share fascinating insights into the spiritual world and bring through messages from spirit directly to you.

Have the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding about things that may be happening around you, or your friends and family.

For the first time Dinner With Spirit welcomes the team from Gold Coast-based Paranormal Project.

This experienced group of investigators use both scientific equipment and clairvoyants in their search for evidence to suggest that ghosts really do exist.

The investigation will take place on the Sunday night and you’re invited to join in and see what they discover.

One of the rumours flying around is that a small girl likes to take the car keys of guests and hide them or even take them to other rooms.  Another is that a former owner roams the corridors and even throws objects around if someone dares play Elvis music.

The whole thing will happen at Jacques Manor Restaurant, Bungunyah Manor Resort, 160 Long Rd, Eagle Heights, Mt Tamborine.

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Main image courtesy of www.acartoonchristmas.com.