Tanker truck ploughs through massive group of protesters on US freeway

THOUSANDS have managed to escape serious harm after a tanker truck ploughed through a large crowd of protesters on a Minneapolis freeway, as racial tensions continue to escalate across the United States.

Vision of the harrowing incident shows the truck barrelling towards the group on the I-35W at high speed. Protesters can be seen desperately running off to try and escape the carnage.

However, at least two daring demonstrators can be seen in the video kneeling on the ground in the path of the vehicle to force it to slow down.


It did eventually come to a halt and, thankfully, there have been no reports of injuries.

Protesters were quick to jump on top of the tanker and pull the driver out before police and other emergency services intervened, eventually evacuating and shutting down the freeway.

Soon after the incident, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety tweeted: “Very disturbing actions by a truck driver on I-35W, inciting a crowd of peaceful demonstrators. The truck driver was injured & taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He is under arrest. It doesn’t appear any protesters were hit by the truck.”

Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington has confirmed the driver has been released from hospital and is now in police custody.

“The Minnesota State Patrol and the BCA are jointly investigating this case as a criminal matter. We will have more information about the who and the what and the where and all the rest of that as it further develops,” Commissioner Harrington said.

Protests have continue to grow across the city of Minneapolis following the death of African-American man George Floyd, who died last week while being detained by police.

The images of that scene were widely shared on social media and have outraged African Americans, leading to nation-wide chaos as buildings are burnt to the ground, shops damaged and looted and cars set alight on the street.

The National Guard has been called in across several states and city leaders have been forced to implement curfews to try and keep people off the streets as they prepare for what will be a sixth night of continued violence right around the country.

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