Tate slams Palaszczuk: “Be righteous. But be right.”

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has lashed out at Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, after she announced her Labor government would push for a complete ban on developers donating to Councillors.

Earlier today Premier Palaszczuk announced that she would support all of the recommendations made by the state’s Crime and Corruption Commission to address integrity and corruption risk in local government. In a statement she said that one of the main reforms was “a complete ban on developer donations and an overhaul of Councillor conflict of interest procedures.”

But Mayor Tate said it was hypocritical, considering the amount of money that the Labor party, and its candidates receive from unions.


“If she’s being genuine about it, she should ban union donations as well – developer donations and union donations. Make it a level playing field,” he said.

He also commented that it’s well known that businesses and developers traditionally support the conservative side of politics, while unions traditionally support the progressive side.

“So she’s going, ‘well I’m righteous about it’.

“Be righteous, yes. But be right. And cut out the unions as well.”

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Think The Mayor should realize its his council that got court out and the ICC found could have taken brides by voting for developments that they had a conflict with. If he wants his council to be clean then shut your mouth and take what the corruption commission handed down. I have to wonder though as hes opening his mouth is he actually saying that the developer donations has made his council vote for developments to be approved as if he is then the whole council is corrupt and should immediately stand down and a new election held.