Tate’s tired of being “bent over”

YOU’VE gotta love our Mayor sometimes.

There aren’t too many people who are willing to go on the record to say they’ve been “bent over” (Mayor Tate’s words, not mine!) by the State government.

But those are the exact words Tate has used to describe the latest Council spending kerfuffle to hit the headlines.


In a deal that was done well before Tate took power (aren’t they always?), it was decided that the Gold Coast City Council would be responsible for a whopping mound of dirt, originally harvested during the construction of CBUS Stadium, which now resides on land in Christine Ave.

The dirt now has to go. The government owns the land it’s resting on and they want to develop the West Burleigh site – so they need the land cleared, stat.

That means the Council has to relocate 15,000 cubic metres of dirt… back to the stadium in Robina, virtually.

Tate confirmed that the dirt will be shifted back to land near the stadium in coming months, where it will be used as part of the long-planned Robina City Parklands.

The cost to taxpayers for the dirty to-ing and fro-ing? A lazy $469,000. That’s a lot of taxpayer cheddar.

“The council [is spending] a lot and we are still getting bent over,” Tate told the media.

“We cannot unscramble the egg here.”

I reckon I’ve got a better idea. I want to level my yard and dirt is really bloody expensive to buy.

What if the council holds a ‘free the dirt’ day? Invites Joe Public to front up to the site with a ute and a shovel, so we can all help ourselves to as much of the mound as we please?

I can guarantee that with the likes of local Gold Coasters on the case (we really do like to sniff out a bargain), that pile of dirt will be reduced to nothing in 48 hours.

And the Council will save themselves a cool half-million dollars, which they can put towards purchasing new dirt when the time comes to nourish Robina City Parklands.

Everyone wins, am I right? It’s a plan so sensible I’m thinking maybe I should run for local office…