TauPOW better than DCE

Martin Taupau is no Daly Cherry-Evans no sir, he is far better than that!

And he could be playing for the Titans in 2016!

The rugby league rumour mill has been rife for months that hulking West Tigers lock forward Martin Taupau was considering leaving the club, but until Wednesday night the only destination being spoken about was South Sydney.


That all changed on NRL 360 Wednesday night with news that the Titans had at least matched if not trumped the Rabbitohs offer in a bid to lure the power forward to the Gold Coast in 2016.

In less than a day every major news outlet was reporting that the Titans were a strong chance to secure his services.

I do not use hyperbole when I say that Taupau would be absolutely amazing for the Titans.

In fact if I could pick a Top 5 of players the Titans should sign, big Marty would be in there no doubt.

He may not play big minutes but for the 50 odd minutes he does play, he gives his side incredible go-forward, almost 100% second phase options and a legitimate try-scoring option close to the line.

He is young, and he is a Kiwi international so he won’t play state of origin which, when you consider that neither will our young halves or ultra-experienced front row, all but guarantees the Titans three wins before they start the season.

Big Marty is an absolute must for the Titans and I for one hope that the offer being tabled to him is attractive.

Hell, they gave a five year contract to a bloke with multiple knee reconstructions and a four year contract (and co-captaincy) to a guy who has regularly puts himself before the club so surely they will be able to roll out the red carpet offer.

The advantage they have with Taupau is that they don’t need to back-end a contract, they can (and should) pay him big dollars from 2016 – I’m thinking three year deal worth at least 500k a season.

There is no way he is on that kind of money at Wests and there is not a chance that Souths can afford to match that offer and expect to buy Sam Burgess as well.
2015 has been a year to forget for the Titans.

But the year is not finished yet.

Taupau’s signature could turn a complete and utter failure into a year that fans will look back on and say ‘that’, ‘that was the year we turned the corner from pretender to contender’.

For Joey’s sake, his surname rhymes with POW!

Just buy him!

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