Taylor Swift helps sick kids shake off hospital blues

As if Gold Coasters needed more reason to love Taylor Swift…

The American singer has gained even more fans after visiting a Brisbane hospital to boost the spirits of sick kids.

Tay Tay, who is currently staying in Broadbeach as her latest squeeze Tom Hiddleston films Thor, popped into Lady Cilento Hospital on Tuesday.


Patients took to social media to share their selfies and gratitude for the time the Shake It Off singer spent with them.

The dad of one patient, Craig Thorne, told Hot Tomato’s Flan and Emily Jade, the family was about to leave the hospital when word came through that the Blank Space singer was about to come say hi.

“We stayed put,” Craig said before explaining why his son Sam is in the hospital.

“He’s got a really rare condition called Transverse Myelitis. He’s quadraplegic – he can’t swallow or breath – but Taylor was really interested to hear all of that and how he drives his wheelchair around with his right foot.”

Craig said the short time the 10-year-old spent with Taylor was a real boost to his spirits.

“She looked around his room at all the items on his wall and had a chat to his big sister Amelia, who was ecstatic to see her.

“She and her mum went to Taylor’s last two concerts and are big fans.”

Craig also explained how the family is dealing with a lot of extra costs associated with Sam’s condition.

You can help out by taking a look at the Campaign for Samuel website.