Tea company insures master blender’s taste buds for HOW MUCH?!

Tea giant Tetley has splashed out to insure its master blender’s taste buds for £1 million ($1,848,738.60 AUD).

The hefty cover for Sebastian Michaelis’ tongue works out at £100 ($184.90 AUD) per taste bud and is designed to protect against a sudden palette malfunction.

Incredibly, the policy costs more than the £757,000 ($1,399,495.15 AUD) forked out to cover the precious guitar playing middle finger of Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards.


And it is the same as the insurance singing superstar Dolly Parton has for her boobs.

Sebastian who joined the tea firm nine years ago, can pick out any one of 1,500 varieties of tea and grade it within 15 seconds of swilling it around his 10,000 taste buds.

His tea spotting talent singled him out from hundreds of tea blending wannabes and he is now responsible for the quality of every Tetley cuppa brewed in the UK.

The company has seven experts but only Sebastian, 32, has been insured against damage to his tongue.

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