Teachers evacuated amid ongoing unrest in Aurukun

Teachers are feeling ‘unsafe’ in the troubled north Queensland indigenous community of Aurukun and will be evacuated.

“Number one has always been the safety of staff in Aurukun and the safety of the community,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Wednesday as she called an urgent meeting with her ministers and directors-general.

“I’ve been advised that the teachers are feeling unsafe so we are going to get the teachers out,” Ms Palaszczuk said.


The Premier also intends to visit the community on Friday, amid the ongoing unrest which has seen young teenagers carry out armed carjackings and a number of street brawls.

She’ll have a meeting with local Mayor Dereck Walpo and the wider community.

“(Mayor Walpo) is going to call a big community meeting and I’ll be there listening to what the community has to say,” she said.

A violent carjacking of the school principal two weeks ago prompted the first evacuation of 25 teachers, many of whom had returned.

However, the principal was targeted again this week, forcing the latest measures.