Technology has gone mad – Are you keeping up?

I WAS going to write about how even though I am pretty technically savvy, the unrelenting flood of new devices, apps, programs and technology has me flummoxed.

Then my laptop crashed and I spent three hours trying to fix it as it became more and more aggressive with weird flashing lights and rude messages.

It’s still making horrifying noises and I’ll probably have to kill it before it attacks me or the cockatiel.


So not so technically savvy.

But what really prompted this techno rant was the news a Southport café was accepting bitcoins, a virtual currency which I was hoping would implode before I had to worry about it.

Because I decided when bitcoins was first mentioned in the news that if I just ignored it it would go away so I didn’t bother doing any research about it.

My head is already about to explode with all the information we now have to jam in to ensure we stay up to date with the what is frankly global technological mayhem.

You have to be choosy about what you take an interest in or else you will die.

I mean it, it will kill you.

I am going to put on my tin foil hat here and suggest that someone or something is successfully controlling our minds, our actions and our finances with this avalanche of technology that never stops coming.

For instance, I know people who are so obsessed with having huge TVs that they buy a bigger one every 12 months because the amazingness of large screens only last a few days before you get used to it.

Facebook keeps changing its settings, new tablets and phones are coming out daily and then there are those terms and conditions that we have to sign every time we subscribe to a new program or app.

I’m not going to hurt my brain reading 30 pages of tehno legalese so I just ‘Accept’.

I expect one day I will find I have signed over all my worldly possessions to Microsoft who will kick me out of my home and send me to work in Gina Rinehart’s mines.

I think it’s time we start to click on Do Not Accept.


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