Teco washing machine recalled over fire fears

A Teco Australia washing machine is being recalled over fears it may catch fire.

In a recall notice posted on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website, TECO said they were recalling the 6.5kg twin tub washing machine with the following model name TWM65TTAMFBE and all serial numbers.

“In some circumstances, there is a possibility of moisture vapour entering the selector switch contacts within the top control console. The selector switch may short circuit causing heating of the surrounding plastics, resulting in smoke and or flame,” the notice reads.


The recalled machines were manufactured in 2014 and 2015 and sold through various retailers including Leading Appliances, Betta Electrical, Bi-Rite Electrical, Retravision and other electrical stores nationwide.recall

People with the affected machines have been urged to contact TECO on 1800 898 458 to arrange a replacement or refund.

In the meantime, TECO recommends that as a precautionary measure, you only use your washing machine under close supervision. If you observe any smoke or smell coming from the machine, turn off the power at the wall outlet.