Teen bikie associate caught with ‘ICE’ stash on the Gold Coast

A TEENAGE bikie associate has been arrested and charged after he was allegedly caught with 19 grams of the drug “ICE” in his car on the Gold Coast. 

Police said about 4pm on Sunday, a vehicle driven by a 19-year-old alleged associate of the Hells Angels Criminal Motorcycle Gang was intercepted at Edens Landing as he was arriving at a residence being raided by Taskforce Maxima detectives.

A drug detection dog used to search the vehicle allegedly discovered 19 grams of methamphetamines (ICE), $700 in cash, electronic scales, smoking pipes and personal papers relating to drug sales, secreted behind the vehicles internal plastic cowling.


A 25-year-old woman was also allegedly found in possession of 11 driver’s licences and an 18+ identity card, all in other names.

The 19-year-old man was charged with supply dangerous drug, possess dangerous drug with a circumstance of aggravation, possess proceeds of supply, possess property used in connection with the commission of a crime, and possession of utensils.

The woman was charged with possession of tainted property and possess explosives in relation to a small quantity of fireworks that were located and seized during the police raid.

The pair have been bailed to appear at the Beenleigh Magistrates Court on January 15.

Detective Acting Inspector David Cove said this Sunday afternoon arrest by detectives from the Maxima Gold Coast office demonstrates our constant vigilance and commitment to disable, and disrupt the criminal activities of CMG’s and their networks.