Teen boys charged over brazen Anzac Day armed robberies

Four teenage boys have been charged over a series of terrifying alleged armed robberies across South East Qld yesterday.

The four teens, aged just 15 and 16, are accused of ambushing a couple on their driveway as they were commemorating ANZAC Day at Rangeville in Toowoomba.

It’s alleged they threatened the pair with a baseball bat and knives, forcing them back inside their home, where they stole mobile phones before fleeing in the couple’s Toyota Camry.


The car was then driven to Wishart where the four teens spotted another vehicle in a driveway in Coora Street.

“It will be alleged three of the teens exited the stolen Camry and threatened a 27-year-old woman before stealing her Subaru XV,” Qld police said.

“Both stolen vehicles were driven away from the address and soon after, they came across a VW Tiguan travelling along Hurlestone Street at Wishart.”

Police say one of the stolen vehicles stopped in front of the Tiguan and one behind it, forcing the driver to stop.

One of the teens then opened the driver’s side door and allegedly threatened the 42-year-old male driver with a machete forcing him from the vehicle.

All three stolen vehicles were then driven away.

Following ongoing investigations into the brazen carjackings, police have since arrested and charged two 15-year-old and two 16-year-old boys with two counts each of armed robbery and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

They will be dealt with under the Youth Justice Act.

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Yep that will stop them from ever doing that again!!!
They will be dealt with under the Youth Justice Act and they know it.

Disgusting! However, they will probably be slapped with a fine and community service instead of being slapped into jail for a time.

Dont worry about the youth justice act, Deal with them just like anyone else. They have just terrified 3 different families with weapons. Armed Robbery . Juat seed them to prison to so some real time with a record for life. This makes me so angry.

These are not the acts of children. Therefore.. .

Please publish their sentence…once known. Inform the people of SE QLD if our Court System lets these young Criminals off with no Gaol time.

great job the police catching them so quick they do a fantastic job only to be let down by our weak as court system as we all now it will happen but on the bright side they know where they live so wont be hard to find again next week when they do it again #courts get tough back up our police

Adult crime, adult time!

Much of the adult time is also laughable.

If you do the adult crime do the adult time

Chop their hands off. That will stop them doing it again.

Should publish their mug shots as well, may be photos of their homes like what they did to the Porsche driver

Shoot the b******s

Throw the fx**ers into solitary confinement and forget about them, 4 oxygen thieves, throw the book at them. Not “alleged”, caught in the act actually, so in this case (GUILTY) end of story. But some do gooder
Judge will probably say “poor kids we will give them another chance to terrorise more innocent people”

These are individuals who are NOT lWORTHY to be amongst any civilised community. Great Job by The Police. Now let’s see if The Courts and The Law do an equally good job.

Where are the parents whilst these teens are out

These stories really annoy me. We have previously experienced similar with our car stolen from Northside driveway, driven to Toowoomba and found in Redcliffe. 3 speed camera detections later and had to pay excess on insurance unless offenders caught. What a joke, never caught as I never had my excess refunded. Police officer said I was lucky to have car back and he only found abandoned on side of road with number plate recognition patrol car. Laws state that he is never allowed to chase these mongrels so as to protect them from causing further harm. What about the real victims here. Police do great jobs only to be let down by the system they try to protect and serve. What a joke. Parents need to be accountable for their kids, yes kids who are not over 16. Juveniles still.

The youth justice Act is a f***in joke, these so called KIDS, are doing BIG BOY CRIMES, so punish them like big boys. Either put them in a prison that CAN rehabilitate them, OR put the in the Army..If the government can DE- RADICALISE a Terrorist, Why CAN’T they DE- CRIMINALIZE these KIDS.

I wonder if the sentencing would be the same if the victims turned out to be magistrates???
Would they then be so quick to grant bail???