Teen caught filming woman under cinema toilet cubicle – what police find next will shock you

A teenage boy has been caught filming a woman with his mobile phone from underneath a toilet cubicle at a Sydney CBD cinema.

Police say that at about 6pm last night, a 47-year-old woman was in a toilet cubicle of a cinema on George Street, when she allegedly saw a hand holding a phone coming from underneath the door.

Shocked, the woman stomped on the teen’s hand and phone before she left the cubicle and prevented him from exiting the cubicle next door.


Security staff at the cinema were alerted and detained a 15-year-old boy before contacting police.

During a search of the boy’s bag, police found a mobile phone which allegedly contained videos of other women filmed in bathrooms.

The phone was seized and will undergo forensic examinations.

The boy has been charged with five counts of film person in private act without consent.

He was refused bail and is due to appear at a Children’s Court today.