Teen charged over fatal crash in stolen car was out on bail

Police have revealed a teenager, charged with the murder of a couple in Brisbane’s east, was out on bail for driving offences at the time of the horrific crash.

The 17-year-old Logan teen was allegedly driving a stolen 4WD when he ran a red light, hit a truck and rolled through the intersection, hitting the couple as they tried to cross the road with their dog.

The 37-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman, who was understood to be six months pregnant, where killed instantly.


The couple’s dog, Frankie, still hasn’t been found and there are concerns it may also be injured.

The 17-year-old was charged with multiple offences including two counts of murder and one count of dangerous operation of a vehicle (adversely affected by an intoxicating substance).

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There are reports the teen was on bail for driving offences, including evade police, and his criminal history involves over 50 entries.

He is due to appear in the Brisbane Children’s Court today.

Acting Chief Superintendent Chris Stream told The Today Show, it was a shocking scene for witnesses and emergency services.

“Tough for all of the emergency responders including those police officers that had to give those horrible messages to the families of the victims,” he said.

“Our thoughts are with their friends and family and even the local community where the accident occurred.

“It’s something that we know was absolutely avoidable and is a horrible situation.”

Investigations are ongoing.

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Children’s court are you joking charge him as an adult and throw him away for a very long time

Honestly one of the saddest things to read. I can’t even imagine how their families are coping. I hope the dog is found alive. Absolute tragedy and the kid responsible does not even deserve fresh air ever! RIP

I hope the sentence reflects the crime he should be sentenced as an adult or sent to adult prison upon reaching 18 and serve a life sentence.

I doubt this will happen

I hope he rots in jail for good

Laws need to change to make these criminals accountable for their actions.

And those so detached from reality & responsible for granting bail to such specimens be charged as accessories to the crime. Perhaps then such awful tragedies will not be so commonplace.


If a person who has committed a crime, is found under the influence or drugs or alcohol, their sentence should be doubled.

As long as you know what you do is wrong age is just a number. Who the hell defines 18 age adult? its something human’s put onto ourselves.

It should be three murders for the parisite . On bail with over 50 charges WTF ? I have been saying for years the Judicial system needs a major overhaul. He should be charged as an adult.

He was not out on bail according to the police commissioner

I agree this idiot should be put away for decades but how many times have we seen this type of thing and the courts give them a slap on the wrist and let them go to do it all again….. we don’t only need law reform, it’s about time that these moron judges are charged as accessories when they allow bail or give them inadequate sentences and the offender offends again and also a system that judges also be put on a point system like your licence…loose your points and you don’t work in the system again….And quite frankly I don’t give a fig if they they have mental issues, or were abused as a child, or they have just had a fight with a partner or, and this one really burns me…they were under the influence of drugs, what ever excuse they come up with…NO EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES!!! The S.O.D.I (some other dude did it) or I.N.M.F (It’s not my fault) should not have a basis in law…you did it you get punished for it….THERE IS NO CONSEQUENCES THESE DAYS!!! It’s about time that people teach their kids about consequences again and it’s about time the courts I forced them.

Oh & absolutely he should be charged as an adult, he was old enough to drink, he was old enough to drive…both adult things, he obviously sees himself as an adult, charge and sentence him as an adult…. 3 dead people, how many more traumatised….CONSEQUENCES