Teen dies at Gold Coast swimming hole

A fun trip to a Gold Coast waterfall has ended in the tragic drowning death of a young teenage boy.

13-year-old Aiden Braumann went to Cedar Creek Falls with friends, under adult supervision, on Thursday afternoon.

It’s believed he and a friend jumped into the water around 4.45 pm and both got into trouble.


His friend managed to get to the side of the swimming hole safely but theAiden failed to resurface.

Emergency services were called immediately, sparking a major search and rescue mission.

Specialist police, with the assistance of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and the Queensland Ambulance Service, commenced a ground and water search.

Police divers eventually found the teen’s body just after 10.00 pm.

Aiden’s mum posted on social media late last night, heartbroken over the news.

“This is the hardest thing and don’t know how I’m going to get through it my son Aiden Braumann I love you so much,” her comment reads.

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Was it really necessary to post that unedited second pic?. He was still just a boy – no matter his lifestyle.

Absolutely agree, how incredibly disrespectful to this young boy and his family to select that photograph of him giving the middle finger, on a news story detailing his death.

Totally agree. Many people will look at it and think the worst of him. First impressions count and we will never know the adult he might have grown up to be. Even if the parents supplied the photo, MYGC should have known better than to print it.

What nonsense. He just looks like a kid being a kid in both photos. The sad tragedy is the story, not what someone is going to think of him.