Teen fired from job after posting her SSM opinion on Facebook

A Christian teenager who was fired from her job after revealing on Facebook that she would be voting no in the same-sex marriage survey may have rights to launch legal action.

The woman, identified only as Madeline, was let go from her job at a kids entertainment company after she changed her Facebook profile photo to include a filter that read “It’s OK to VOTE NO”.

Not long after changing her photo, the 18-year-old from Canberra received a message from her boss saying she was being ‘let go’.


In a post on Facebook, business owner Madlin Sims said she defended her decision to sack the teen.

“Voting no is homophobic. Advertising your homophobia is hate speech. As a business owner I can’t have somebody who publicly represents my business posting hate speech online,” Ms Sims wrote.

“As a business that works with children of all kinds, we have a responsibility to working with vulnerable people and having someone who is out & proud about their beliefs (of which are statistically proven to have horrible effects on young members of the gay community) is a risk for the wellbeing of the children we work with.”

However, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, the teen may now be able to make a claim under discrimination law.

The news organisation reports that Madeline may be able to make a claim under section 7 of the ACT Discrimination Act 1991, which includes “political conviction” and “religious conviction”.

Madeline appeared on The Bolt Report on Sky News on September 19, telling host Andrew Bolt that she believe’s everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

“That is the point of this vote,” she said.