Teen girl fined after police shut down massive Halloween party

Five people have been arrested and a teenage girl has been fined after police were forced to break up a massive Halloween party in NSW.

Officers were called to a home on Lake Road in Glendale around 6.45pm on Friday, after receiving several reports of the large party.

Upon arrival, they found more than 100 people in the backyard of the property.


Police said several party-goers tried to make a getaway after seeing officers and ran into nearby streets and a shopping centre, where multiple fights broke out.

Officers tried to break up the brawls and were injured in the process, with three police officers sustaining minor injuries.

Several police cars were also damaged after being kicked and having projectiles thrown at them.

Four teenagers and a 20-year-old man were arrested, with the man issued with two Criminal Infringement Notices (CINs) for offensive language and offensive behaviour.

The host of the party, a 17-year-old girl, was also issued with a $1000 PIN for breaching the COVID-19 Public Health Order.

Police said inquiries are continuing