Teen jogger recovers as police hold suspect

A man remains in police custody as detectives investigate what happened to a university student who went missing for 26 hours after she went for a jog in bushland near Bendigo.

Sexual crimes detectives have taken over the investigation into the disappearance of the La Trobe University student, who was last seen jogging into the Greater Bendigo National Park, near her campus, about 3pm on Wednesday.

Police found the 18-year-old in a car and have taken a Bendigo region man in his 30s for questioning.


He was located near the vehicle at Maiden Gully, about 15km from where she was last seen, shortly before 5pm on Thursday.

The student is in a stable condition in the Bendigo Hospital.

Her disappearance sparked a large air and ground search in the national park.

Superintendent Mick West told reporters a local divisional van crew found the car following a tip to keep an eye out for a car of a particular colour in connection with the disappearance.