Teenage girls flee during violent mugging in Pacific Pines

A group of up to eight thugs has violently robbed two men who were walking in Pacific Pines with two teenage girls on Saturday night.

They were near Pitcairn Way around 9.45pm when approached by the gang.

A 21-year-old man was threatened with a broken bottle into handing over his mobile phone.


He threw the phone to the ground and was then punched and kicked.

The group then turned on his 20-year-old mate, taking his wallet before punching him in the face.

They then walked off towards Hatutu Street.

The two girls managed to run away during the attack and were not hurt.

One of the offenders is described as Caucasian and was wearing a white hooded jumper.

While the others are described as all being of Pacific Islander appearance wearing dark grey and black hooded jumpers.

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Mugging… ok.. Robbery with violence is appearing to be spiking as is the very cowardly odds of around 4 against 1…
There are undoubtedly more reports just like this one. Petty crimes are more likely to include violence, and moving in packs like dogs menacing robbing, and intent of violence, so many ramifications. Physical and emotional injury… Enough is Enough.. Magistrates prone to soft sentencing… Please wake up.. You are assisting in the escalation of these crimes. Wrist slapping ought to be the domain of mummy’s and dad’s teaching unwitting ” toddlers” not to dig stuff into an electric socket.
When the judiciary see part of their role as protection of our basic rights….
We will have both our Police Force less undermined and ordinary civilians rights, Restored.