Teenage parents briefly reunited with baby Aria in Sydney

The teenage mum and dad who took their newborn from a Sydney hospital without permission last week and took her camping, have been briefly reunited with their daughter.

14-year-old Jayden Lavender and 15-year-old girlfriend Jenifer Morrison have been separated from baby Aria since she was returned to hospital and later discharged.

Jayden said at the time that he had no idea where his daughter was.


They told Sydney’s 7 News they burst into tears when they were allowed to visit Aria this week.  They weren’t allowed to say where they saw her.

Jayden said: “ [It] definitely brought a smile to my face, I haven’t been able to smile properly in a couple days … I know it’s definitely brought a smile to her face and she started crying as soon as we literally saw her she started breaking down.”

He said Aria was happy and healthy, and growing well, 7 News reported.

Police have said the couple would face no charges after taking Aria from hospital without permission.