Teenager walks free after toddler death charges dropped

All charges have been dropped against a teenager who was allegedly involved in the death of Queensland toddler, Mason Lee.

Ryan Robert Barry Hodson was expected to plead guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court today.

However, his case was adjourned after Justice David Jackson found he could not be responsible for cruelty to the child.


Justice Jackson explained the legal elements of the offence were not substantiated by the allegations made against Hodson.

He added, despite being left alone with the child for short periods of time he had never been in lawful care or charge of Mason.

The 18-year-old was living with Mason Lee’s mother, Annemaree Louise Lee, and stepfather, William Andrew O’Sullivan, when the child died.

Mr Hodson was only 17 at the time and has been discharged from all counts, after spending about 400 days in custody.

Mason died at his stepfather’s Caboolture home in 2016 after suffering multiple injuries including a ruptured intestine, allegedly from a blow to the stomach.

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So if a person is left alone with any other person and they punch and kill them then they cant charged because they were not in charge of them. That should work in a pub brawl too.