Telstra turns on 5G on the Gold Coast

TELSTRA has switched on 5G technology across selected areas of the Gold Coast, making it the first mobile network in Australia to be 5G ready.

CEO Andrew Penn said it was just the beginning of Telstra’s roll out of 5G technology, with more than 200 5G-capable sites planned to be live around the country by the end of 2018.

Mr Penn said today’s switch on the Gold Coast would support the ongoing testing of next generation mobile technologies in Australia.


“Today we have switched on 5G-capable sites on the Gold Coast, which enable us to test 5G pre-commercial devices in real world conditions and use unique innovations like our Connected Car to test our 5G footprint,” Mr Penn said.

“It also means we can connect compatible commercial 5G devices for customers in 5G areas as they become available.

“Over the coming months we will continue expanding our 5G coverage with plans to roll out to more capital cities, regional centres and other high demand areas.”

Mr Penn said Telstra’s 5G network readiness meant it would be ready to handle compatible 5G commercial devices as soon as they hit the shelves.