Ten issues apology after leaking MasterChef elimination result

MasterChef accidentally leaked last night’s elimination result on social media, five hours before the reality show was broadcast.

Instead of posting a photo to tease Thursday night’s elimination challenge between Billie McKay, Jessica Arnott and Reynold Poernomo, Ten instead posted a photo to Facebook and Twitter revealing the grand final trio.

The shot showed Billie, Jessica and Georgia Barnes, meaning 20-year-old Reynold was due to be eliminated from the show that night.


The post was taken down within 15 minutes, but not before devastating hundreds of fans.

Ten fessed up to their mistake on social media saying:’MasterChef Australia is truly sorry for the earlier post which inadvertently revealed the result of tonight’s episode for a number of our fans. It was a simple human error and we apologise wholeheartedly.’