Tennis failing to make a racquet

Tennis – you may know it as that thing you used to play, watch and/or care about.

Australian tennis is so bad right now it would make Greg Bird look like a valedictorian, but despite this some people in Australia still actually play, watch and really love it.

Sadly, this group of people is shrinking by the day.


As someone who grew up watching the Rafter’s and the Hewitt’s challenge the best in the world for not just the Australian Open each and every year but for the title of World #1, it is very apparent how far the sport of tennis has fallen.

Well not so much fallen, more like completely collapsed.

In fact if you are wondering why tennis is even being discussed here today it may be because on this day, the 19th of January, there is literally nothing else to watch.

That’s right, this is the first day since mid-December where there has been no cricket on.

With two ODI’s and three BBL05 finals to finish the week today may in fact be one of the most important days in the history of tennis in Australia.

Channel 7 has one day, one chance really, to hook the cricket-obsessed sport-loving Australian public back into some tennis.

And what is on the highlight’s reel?

Two spoilt little kids no one wants to root for and an Aussie legend playing his 20th (yes, 20th!!) Open who used to be Riggs but is now well and truly Murtaugh.

And that, right there, is the problem with Australian tennis.

When a nation’s best hopes lay with two brat kids who have lost the support and admiration of the nation they play for it is time for an intervention.

Were this any other era of Australian tennis Tomic and Kyrgios would both have been shown the door 12 months ago.

But there isn’t, so they weren’t.

Because they have what no one else in Australian tennis seems to have – talent.

This is why today is such a seminal day for the sport.

It is no coincidence that there is an all-Aussie affair of Duckworth v Hewitt right on BBL start time 7.10pm tonight (6.10pm QLD).

Tonight is the first chance (and possibly last) that tennis Australia get to see just how many people still care about not just tennis, but aussie tennis.

Im not talking about the tennis tragics, they will always watch – the question being decided today is whether they will be watching next year on SBS.

Tonight they have trotted out a national legend playing his 20th and final Australian Open to help sell some love, hope and passion for the game.

McAvaney and Courier will be waxing like never before, reminiscing about the great eras of Aussie tennis.

Sure an Aussie is guaranteed to win tonight…but will anybody be watching?

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