Terror accused to face Sydney court, aviation threat level lowered

Two men will face Parramatta court today accused of planning a terrorist act, over an alleged plot to bring down a plane.

Australian Federal Police have charged a 32-year-old from Punchbowl and a 49-year-old from Lakemba with two counts of acting in preparation for planning a terrorist act.

The maximum penalty for the offence is life imprisonment.


A third man remains in custody, held under special anti-terror laws, while police investigations continue.  Under the current ruling he can be held until the weekend.

Of the four men initially arrested, only one was released without charge.

In Perth on Thursday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull commended the AFP on their swift investigation.

“Investigations have proceeded very well in terms of uncovering evidence.

“The police have uncovered very substantial evidence,” he told reporters.

Australia’s National Terrorism Threat Level was raised to probable when the plot was discovered, and has now been lowered by the Director-General of Security to possible.

In the next 24 hours, it is expected that there will be adjustments to airport security.

“This includes a return to normal arrival times at airports for check-in, as advised by your airline.

“The recent heightened security measures have obviously inconvenienced many members of the travelling public and we thank those impacted for their understanding. We are advised that the delays should now be reduced.

“Nevertheless, as a precaution, some of the additional security measures will stay in place.

“Some of these measures will be obvious, some will not, but Australians should remain reassured that public safety is the absolute priority,” said the statement released by the Prime Minister’s office on Thursday.