Text bully gets prison sentence

THE MAN who sent his legally blind girlfriend hundreds of abusive text messages before she took her own life, has been labelled a ‘coward’ before being sentenced to six months behind bars.

Dan Shearin fronted Court yesterday, charged with using a carriage service to menace or harrass his then girlfriend Breeana Robinson.

Shearin is said to have sent hundreds of abusive text messages in the days and minutes leading up to the moment Ms Robinson fell to her death from their balcony in Southport’s H2O building.


Magistrate John Costanzo made it clear he did not take Mr Shearin’s actions lightly.

“The greatest coward can hurt the most ferociously,” he said.

“I can’t think of a way for a man to be more of a pig towards a woman.”

The sentence of six months, with at least two months to be served, was more than any of Ms Robinsons friends and family could have hoped for.

The verdict was met with a gasp of joy by her numerous supports in the gallery.

Shearin’s legal team is expected to appeal the sentence.