TGA approves Pfizer COVID-19 jab for Aussie kids aged 12-15

There’s been a major development involving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, with the Federal Health Minister confirming the country’s drug regulator has given the tick of approval for the jab to be given to Australian children aged as young as 12.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration last night approved the Pfizer vaccine for use in kids aged between 12 and 15-years-old.

However, Health Minister Greg Hunt said there’s still a second stage that needs to be worked through.


“There is a second stage here, a technical advisory group that considers it,” Minister Hunt told Sunrise.

“They are well advanced…. Vaccine purchases included whole of operation coverage and our plans are in place to rollout what is more likely, on the early advice that I have, they will fast-track vaccines for 12-15 -year-olds for the immunocompromised children or those with underlying health conditions.

“And then they will review the incoming data over the next month on the general population.”

If the nation’s expert immunisation panel gives the green light for children with underlying health conditions, it’s understood they could have access to the jab within days.

“Those children with underlying medical conditions will be added the same way now that everyone with an underlying medical condition can access and book in as part of the program,” Minister Hunt told the breakfast program.

“That would be what we do… We add that and then in relation to the general 12-15 -year-old population, the advice we have would be over the course of the period to mid to late August, receiving additional data, particularly from the United States, open for 12 to 15-year-olds and they would have that data and be able to review it in that window on those children.

“The US is doing this for 12-15-year-olds and they are providing the world with very, very important safety data.”

The Health Minister also gave an indication of when under 40s can expect to receive the Pfizer jab.

“The expectation is at this stage, September, early October,” he said.

“We have just increased our Pfizer from over 500,000 a couple of weeks ago to 1 million, which has arrived in the last week.

“That is what we are expecting to receive per week over the period from now until the end of September and then it will increase again.”