That escalated quickly: Fruit fight lands Gold Coast newlyweds in court

A FRIGHTENING fruit fight at an exclusive New Zealand hotel has landed a honeymooning Gold Coast couple in court.

Newlyweds Olivia Mihaljevich, 29, and Ayman Elarnouty, 33, – a nurse and doctor from the Gold Coast – were staying at the Rees Hotel and Luxury Apartments at Queenstown after tying the knot last Thursday.

But their honeymoon was short lived when on Saturday night they were both arrested and charged with assaulting each other after an argument escalated into a full blown fruit fight.


It’s alleged the couple hurled fruit at one another before a physical altercation broke out between the pair in the hotel foyer.

Both husband and wife fronted Queenstown District Court on Monday where they were remanded on bail pending diversion.

Diversion was later granted with the condition they attend a session with a Queenstown psychologist.

The newlyweds have since checked out of the hotel and their charges have been withdrawn.

PICTURE: The newlyweds on their wedding day just two days before the alleged fight. Courtesy of New Zealand Herald