That’s one way to bide your time…

THERE’S nothing quite like the sun-kissed look of a fresh tan that we Gold Coasters are famous for.

Our lifestyle encourages, nay, demands that we take advantage of our year-round sunshine, resulting in a population that is known for its healthy glow.

Admittedly, we don’t always sport a perfect tan. There’s a fair whack of patchy ‘I didn’t wear sunscreen’ tanlines doing the rounds, especially after last week, which threw everyone off.


There we were, purportedly in autumn, with temperatures soaring into the mid 30s! My shoulders are still bright red after I stupidly wore a singlet to the park with the kids. Slathered them up with sunscreen until they were so shiny they almost slid right off the swing, but I forgot to rub any into my own skin.

Anyway, seeing people basking in the sun in their skimpy bikinis (or even topless) on the golden sands of the beach, or the banks of a lake or river, is quite a common sight on the Coast.

But for two women, the perfect tan meant stretching out on the sunny median strip on the M1 just outside of Helensvale last week.

The story goes that a woman’s car broke down. So she parked in the inner lane of the M1, flicked her hazard lights on and she and her friend decided to catch a few rays before roadside assistance arrived.

I admire their two-birds-one-stone attitude, but I’ve got to say, it probably would have been safer to do something else to bide their time.

Then again, extreme sunbathing is nothing new. There have been countless sightings of women whipping out their bikinis to catch a few rays in the middle of winter.

And there was this space-strapped apartment dweller, who perched herself precariously on her window ledge to get some sun.

And let’s not forget these active four ladies, who enjoy taking on ice-skating, rock-climbing, hiking and pretty much any other outdoor adventure in their bikinis.

Clearly, our M1 sunbathers have some competition!

They were never going to get far, however; police drove past and quickly asked the intrepid sunbathers to rethink their desired tanning location.

Better luck next time, ladies.

We hear the rooftop carpark at Kmart Robina catches some good rays, if you’re scouting for new locations – with the added benefit of a tyre and auto shop right downstairs.

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