The 7 Best Airports to Sleep in

PHOTO: © Shutterstock

PHOTO: © Shutterstock

The hardest ticket to purchase in an airport is to the land of nod.

If you’ve ever been delayed in an airport, or done the backpacker shortcut of sleeping on the floor to avoid forking out for a room, you’ll understand that airports are not designed for sleeping.


In fact, some airports seem to be designed to punish those who try to catch a wink within their walls. Rock hard seats, inescapable arm rests, and antsy security guards, are used to deter airport sleepers.


Fortunately, the internet has provided a way to dodge the sleep deprived terror of an endless night at an airport, and compiled a list of the best airports for trying to catch some much needed Z’s. This information was lovingly compiled by the website from a survey of more than 25,000 travellers, and our list also includes some other hot tips floating around the net.

The bar for inclusion is not too high, with airports simply having to meet the 4 C’s: Comfort, convenience, cleanliness, and customer service. However, as you will see, some airports have truly gone above and beyond to make nap time easy.

So after you’ve exhausted airport shopping and the terminal bar, these are the 7 best airports to sleep in:

#7 Wellington International Airport, New Zealand (WLG)

Quirky, cool, and oh so friendly, Wellington airport has taken out the number one airport sleeping spot in the South Pacific. If you can get past the Lord of the Rings paraphernalia, and sleep with a giant Gollum statue looming over you, this airport is comfortable and easy to rest in! Free showers, friendly staff, and comfortable lounges make this airport stand out.

#6 Vancouver International Airport, Canada (YVR)

Ranking as the top airport for sleeping in North America, Vancouver has great facilities for when you’re awake or asleep. Whether you’re checking out the aquarium, browsing the free Wi-Fi or admiring the views from the observation deck, there is plenty to stave off boredom. Once you’ve tired yourself out, have a nap in one of the quiet relaxation areas or get cheap entry to a flight club to access food and showers.

#5 Vienna International Airport, Austria (VIE)

When you’re tired and jet lagged, the last thing you feel like doing is fighting for somewhere to sleep. Whereas some of the other airports on this list can have stiff competition for limited sleeping spots, there is more than enough on offer in Vienna! Whether it’s an armrest free bench, semi recliner with foot rest, or a regular lounge chair, you’ll be able to catch some sleep in a quiet, clean space!

#4 Helsinki International Airport, Finland (HEL)

Helsinki airport brings the goods for snooze seeking passengers, having installed the very futuristic looking ‘GoSleep Pods’. The pods are 1.8 metres by 0.6 metres, and offer light and sound proof environments for catching a quick wink. However, they’re probably not great for the overnight haul, with the cost of renting a pod at $12 an hour.

#3 Munich International Airport, Germany (MUC)

Snazzy name and a snazzy idea. Munich airport boasts access to its air-conditioned “Napcabs”, which offer travellers an enclosed bed with adjustable lighting, Wi-Fi, work space and phone chargers. A media player also gives passengers access to music and vital flight information. Maybe set an alarm though, as these cabins cost nearly $40 for two hours! Free recreation areas with comfortable lounges are also available.

#2 Seoul Incheon International Airport, South Korea (ICN)

Taking this airport to second place is the plentiful supply of padded, armrest free, bench seating. Dedicated rest and relaxation zones, as well as shower services to help freshen up after a sleep, also help to boost it to second on the list.

#1 Singapore Changi International Airport, Singapore (SIN)

Changi airport can do no wrong, winning accolades for sleep-ability and overall experience. Catch some rest in the comfortable lounge chairs situated in dim lighting zones, indulge in free use of a massage chair, charge your phone while you rest, or utilise the free internet if sleep is too far off.