The Apple Pie McFlurry returns to the Maccas menu!

Oh McDonalds, oh Maccas, oh me oh my… HOW do you keep finding direct routes to my aorta valve?

Straight through the stomach, straight through my mouth, straight through my sky-rocketing blood-sugar levels.

I don’t mind, I really don’t, I’ll love you forever.


Especially after hearing about the return of the Apple Pie McFlurry. BE STILL MY BEATING HEART.

There’s not enough poetry in the world to describe my love of a) the McFlurry, and b) the Apple Pie.

It makes absolute sense to marry the two in unison forever on your glorious menu.

Due to a partnership with Uber Eats, Maccas lovers can only get the delicious dessert on Uber Eats until July 9.

But then after that (3 days and counting, y’all), it’s FREE reign – meaning the Maccas drive through is my new revolving door.

“Apple Pie McFluz, no wuz” they’ll tell me. And I’ll rejoice, I really will.

PRO TIP: swap out the caramel for chocolate fudge topping and add it three times over. Pools of drool, I promise.