The Bachelor 2018: The finale ending that shocked Australia

Woah… that was tough.

For the first time in Australian Bachelor history, Rugby Union star Nick Cummins made the decision to walk away from the show alone.

In what has been dubbed the most dramatic season finale of The Bachelor Australia ever, The ‘Honey Badger’ revealed that he hadn’t fallen in love with either of the final two contestants, breaking their hearts along with the rest of Australia.


After finally revealing her true feelings for Nick in the final episode of the reality series, Property Valuer Sophie Tieman was excited to find out her future, only to be told that it wasn’t meant to be.

Standing in the idyllic location of New Caledonia, Nick told the 25-year-old how much he had enjoyed spending time with her and that she brought out something he “hadn’t felt in a long time.” He continued by saying that while he liked her a lot, he wanted the words “I love you to really mean it” and he was unable to “wholeheartedly commit to her.”

Fighting back tears, the pair said their goodbyes.

As Brittany stepped out of the limo to face Nick next, Australia was confident the season favourite had taken out the win.

Unfortunately like with Sophie, Nick revealed that he couldn’t give 100% of himself to her and their journey also came to an abrupt end on national TV.

Reunited at the hotel after the dramatic break-ups, Sophie was emotional to see her best friend Brittany stroll in. When it was revealed he hadn’t chosen anyone, Sophie struggled to comprehend why he had put them both through the experience and not been willing to at least give it a go on the outside world.


“I hate hurting people and I have done that twice today. I just know in my heart that I did the right thing,” Nick said following his decision.

“They are two amazing women and they’re walking out of my life right now. It wouldn’t be fair to enter into something that a few months down the track could break her heart.

“I came here for a chance at love and now I’m going to have to start again. She’s out there!”

Following the finale, Sportsbet revealed that they would be refunding all bets placed on the ladies.

“We have refunded every bet placed on Brittany and Sophie plus every other girl that took part on The Bachelor following the shocking finale,” they wrote.

“Customers placed their bets in good faith that the Bachelor would actually choose one of the girls so we’ve done the right thing and refunded every bet on the show that were placed since day one.”