The Bachelor fans outraged after favourite goes home


That seems to be the overwhelming response to what may have been the most intense rose ceremony in Bachelor history.

Viewer favourite Heather Maltman was sent packing by The Bachelor’s Sam Wood in the gut-wrenching ceremony on Thursday night.


Things seemed to be going so well for the pair as she showed him around her hometown of Brisbane – including the mountain where she shared hot chocolates with her late father.

Things got a little tense when Heather introduced Sam to her mentor, Warwick, and her best friend, Laura.

Warwick gave Sam a bit of a grilling about his intentions and his feelings about the other girls but it all seemed to end quite nicely.

The next minute, Sam was breaking up with her!

“Can I ask why?” she said as Sam took her outside for a final chat. “Am I allowed to?”

They shared an “amazing friendship”, he explained, but it never grew beyond that.

“My feelings for you were more than just friendship,” she replied.

“I’m kind of glad, in a way, that you gave me the opportunity to see where that would go. But yeah, it still hurts.”

The collective ‘boo’s’ started to ring out across social media.

Snezana, Sarah and Lana are the girls left behind vying for his affections.