The Beckham’s are richer than the Queen of England

The Beckham’s bring in the big bucks, and even the Queen of England can’t keep up.

The superstar family have amassed an impressive net worth and are now richer than the Queen according to a report by the London School of Marketing.

David, Victoria, and their children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper are valued at £470 million, beating out the Queen who is worth £340 million.


According to the study, the Beckham’s raked in the cash through three main corporate vehicles:
•Footworks, which is David’s football-related revenues, is worth £150 million
•Brand Beckham label, which includes money made from endorsements, is valued at £70 million
•Beckham Venture, which is Victoria’s fashion business, is worth £60 million

These, combined with their non-business assets of an estimated £190m, gives the family a total value of £470m.