The cost of controversial VLAD laws: inquiry finds other criminals ran riot

SO MUCH focus was placed on catching bikies, other crims were having a field day while the LNP was in power in Queensland.

That’s the verdict from the Queensland Organised Crime Commission of Inquiry’s report into the VLAD laws, which came into effect following the Broadbeach bikie brawl in September 2013.

“The focus upon and resources solely dedicated to the threat of Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs (OMCGs) by QPS (Queensland Police Service), has meant that other types of organised crime have not been appropriately investigated,” the report said.


It found the previous government directed a disproportionate amount of resources at policing bikie gangs and it came at the expense of other areas like child exploitation, illicit drugs and financial crimes.

When breaking down the criminal activity in the state, the report said OMCGs accounted for around half a per cent (0.52) of all criminal activity between 2013-15.

But it did acknowledge the role they played in illicit drug markets and extortion.