The cutest Koala joey in Australia lives on the Gold Coast

Australia’s Cutest Koala Joey of the Year is a thing, and the winner is here on the Gold Coast.

This is a title we didn’t know we needed. ‘The Cutest Animal’ would have cut it, or even ‘The Cutest Koala’…

But no, the God of all cute things has granted us ‘Cutest Koala Joey’!!! And the winner LIVES on the Gold Coast!


Meet Tallow – one of the latest additions to Paradise Country.

Tallow bested more than a million entries made to Tourism Australia, who narrowed it down to 13 finalists before conducting a public vote.

Say ‘nawwww’ a thousand times, then pop out for a visit because crying and mumbling ‘snuggly-puggly-cutie-pinchy-cheeky’ isn’t satisfying enough – we tried.