The cutest new addition to Gold Coast’s Paradise Country

Paradise Country has welcomed a new addition to their family, a wombat joey!

The female joey is almost nine-months old, weighs in at just five kilograms, and is the cutest thing we ever did see!

The joey arrived from another zoological facility, and will join other native Australian animals in a specially designed habitat.


Paradise Country Curator of Wildlife, Deane Jones says the joey is an exciting addition to the family.

“She is a very sweet and affectionate wombat who loves playing, but like most youngsters she is still spending a lot of her time sleeping.

PHOTO | Supplied by Paradise Country

“She currently spends her days developing her life skills under the watchful eyes of our keepers and is feeding on a specially designed nutritional diet including pellets, grass, sweet potato and wombat milk formula,” Mr Jones said.

However, the brand new joey doesn’t have a name yet! So Paradise Country is on the hunt for a name that sits right with the locals.

“We are running a naming competition and are encouraging people to visit the Paradise Country Facebook page and vote for their favourite option from Mayzie, Dozy, Karri and Wattle,” Mr Jones said.

PHOTO | Supplied by Paradise Country

Even without a name, and not even a year old, the little joey has her work cut out for her.

She’ll join Paradise Country’s ‘Save A Mate’ Program, as an ambassador for her wild counterparts.

It’ll be her job to raise awareness and build conservation efforts for the rest of Australia’s wildlife! What a role!

With less than 250 Northern hairy-nose wombats remaining today, they are one of Australia’s most endangered animals.

So get on down to Paradise Country and visit their newest and cutest addition!