The democracy sausage to return to polling places this election

After being canned during council elections in March because of COVID, the great Aussie tradition of a banger on a piece of bread while casting our vote is back.

The Electoral Commission has confirmed that fundraising activities will be allowed to return for election day on October 31, including the humble democracy sausage.

But venues must ensure COVID-safe guidelines are in place.


Election day has long been a chance for schools and community groups to raise some much needed funds with money raised going towards things like air-conditioning in schools and sporting equipment.

Electoral Commissioner Pat Vidgen says they have developed an Election Service Plan showing how venues can ensure voters can cast their vote easily and safely, while still being able to grab a sausage or cupcake.

“This means any fundraising activities must provide clear access for electors to and from the voting venue, and practice social distancing, good hand hygiene and regular cleaning,” Commissioner Vidgen said.

A huge number of people are expected to skip voting on election day due to safety concerns.

As of Monday, the ECQ had already received over 679,000 postal vote applications.

Pre-poll voting is also being extended this year with voters able to cast their vote from Monday.

Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young insists it will be safe for people to vote on election day, as long as everyone follows the rules.

“While many across the state would have already voted before election day, those in the community going out to vote have a few things to keep in mind,” Dr Young said.

“As always, if you’re sick, stay home.

“Take your voter information card with you, and your own pen or pencil.

“Remember to social distance, think two big steps apart from other people, and leave the venue right after voting.”