The election results are in…

And it’s official! As a nation, we have completely lost faith in our political leaders. How else do you explain the fact that once again, our political environment is so unstable that our new government won’t be known until Tuesday?

That once again, we have to sift through the wreckage of a shameful and fear-focused federal campaign, to work out who has won the privilege of leading our country?

And that whoever ends up getting the big nod – at the time of writing it appears that the Liberals are in the lead by a whisper – is only in that position by the tiniest of margins?


It’s a joke, is what it is.

The Australian people have spoken and clearly, we’re fed up with the way things have been. Plus, we have very little faith in our elected leaders to move us forward.

Here’s the truth: Both sides have some decent policies. And both sides have some ridiculous policies that make me scratch my head in bewilderment.

But at the end of the day, I don’t believe that either side will keep their promises and deliver on what they pledge during the election campaign anyway.

Take Medicare: what a debacle that has been.


PHOTO: © TK Kurikawa /

The Labor party ran a very convincing scare-tactic campaign that put the fear of God about Medicare vanishing. The way he told it, Turnbull has practically found a buyer, processed the transaction and has the champers in ice ready to toast the successful privatisation of Medicare this month.

Turnbull did his best to convince us he is not going to touch Medicare and even went as far as to say no one would pay more to visit the doctor, despite the Medicare rebate freeze. However the fact is, no one believes him. Or at least, a big proportion of Aussie voters don’t.

We don’t want Turnbull and his ilk running the show: they have a completely out-of-touch attitude that doesn’t understand why people are complaining about housing affordability, with their best suggestions to date being “get a better paying job” and “buy your kids a house if you’re so worried”.

We don’t want Shorten and his crew running the show either: Shorten is just plain dodgy. He would sooner throw his granny in front of traffic if he thought it would benefit him politically.

So what are we left with? Not much of anything.

And I mean that quite literally. If we end up with a hung parliament for the next three years, it will essentially allow us to spend billions of dollars each year to get precisely nothing done.

But this is federal politics we’re talking about – so yeah, that sounds about right.