The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs final episode after nearly 20 years

The final episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show has aired today after almost two decades.

The 64-year-old first began hosting the show back in 2003, with the show airing a massive 19 seasons.

Ellen’s final show today featured guests Jennifer Aniston, Billie Eilish and Pink.


Jennifer Aniston was Ellen’s first-ever guest on the first episode and has since appeared on the show 20 times over the years.

Ellen, who is married to Aussie actress Portia de Rossi, spoke about the growth she’s seen in the world since the beginning of her show.

“I couldn’t say ‘gay’ on the show. I was not allowed to say ‘gay’,” Ellen told viewers.

“I couldn’t say ‘we’ because that implied that I was with someone. Sure couldn’t say wife. That’s because it wasn’t legal for gay people to get married. And now I say wife all the time.”

Portia de Rossi was in the crowd of the show, and was spotted tearily cheering her wife on.

Ellen wrapped the show up by thanking all of her staff and viewers, and offering a plea to her audience.

“Thank you so much for this platform. And I hope what I’ve been able to do over the last 19 years has made you happy and I’ve been able to take a little bit of the pain away,”

“I hope I’ve inspired you to be yourself, your true, authentic self. And if someone is brave enough to tell you who they are, be brave enough to support them, even if you don’t understand,”

“By opening your heart and your mind you’re going to be that much more compassionate, and compassion is what makes the world a better place.”