The evil twin

YOU’VE got to feel for Southport with all the crap it’s been through over the past few years.

Finally the end of the disruption and economic pain is in sight.

All those businesses struggling due to the closure of the hospital and the never ending road works for the light rail project can look forward to a return to some normality and, let’s be bold, a bit of prosperity from the new transport link.


There is even a chance something might be done about the abandoned Southport hospital site this century.

Okay, I might be getting a bit over-excited with that one.

Late last year the State Government added to the optimism over Southport’s future by declaring it a Priority Development Area and handing back control of development assessments to the Council.

This was to ensure processes could be streamlined so the Gold Coast’s traditional Central Business District could recover and bloom with all the opportunities the 2018 Commonwealth Games promised.

Good times were ahead.

And then Deputy/Acting Premier Jeff ‘I love quarries and private planes’ Seeney butted in.

Because, if the rumours are true, Mr Seeney is considering making Southport share its treasured status as THE CBD with, wait for it, Robina.

Twin CBDs!

Robina, Robina, Robina.

Why does everything have to be about Robina?

Cheeky realtors already refer to the young whippersnapper as a CBD.

But has it got the history and experience of Southport?

Did it ever suffer for its status as Southport has suffered?

Can you even get there without a car?

I think not!

Well, I’ve never seen a bus near there.

Seriously, why on earth did taxpayers spend billions of dollars on a light rail system through Southport if the Government now plans on encouraging businesses to move out to Robina?

The Gold Coast is inconveniently decentralised already.

At least with one major CBD there is some hope of getting some leverage from that status to attract more infrastructure and business.

Two CBDs would have to share infrastructure, promotions, government departments and attention.

Even the closest of twins don’t like sharing everything.

And we all know what happens when one twin gets resentful – they become the evil twin.




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