The four-year-old who shot his mother

The way Americans cling to their right to have firearms is extraordinary, obsessive and stubborn to the point of endangerment, as this week’s traumatic tale demonstrates.

A mother, pro-gun activist Jamie Gilt, was shot. She survived – she’s in hospital in a stable condition.

The woman, from Florida in the United States, is so passionate about her right to bear arms that she started a Facebook page, Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense, to promote her views.


Earlier this week she reportedly wrote, “All of ours (children) know how to shoot. Even my 4-year-old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22.”

It’s hard to verify the comment, as the page has since been shut down, but it’s pretty clear that Jamie is about as ‘pro-guns’ as it gets.

It’s fairly ironic then that, just 24 hours after boasting of her four-year-old’s affection for guns, she was shot in the back by one and the same child.

He will forever have to live with the trauma and guilt of knowing he shot and almost killed his mother.

How did this happen?

News reports say that Jamie was driving on Tuesday with her son in the backseat, but not strapped into his booster seat. He found her loaded .45 semiautomatic handgun on the floor of the pick-up truck and accidentally fired it. The bullet travelled through the driver’s seat and into his mum’s back.

Okay, I’m trying not to judge here, but it’s awfully hard.

Why was her son not strapped into his booster seat? Why was she travelling with a loaded gun? And how on earth do you become so nonchalant about carrying a loaded weapon that you allow your kid to have easy access to it?

Clearly the police are wondering the same thing, as Jamie may now face criminal charges for negligence in allowing her pre-schooler to get his hands on the gun.

Guns are something that, thankfully, simply never cross my mind. I know we’re not immune to gun violence in Australia, but it’s a very small part of society.

As a resident of the beautiful Gold Coast, the only time I think about guns is when a story like this pops up in the news. I don’t think it’s possible for Australians to ever truly understand American gun culture and for that, I am grateful.

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